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Terry, 43

Windsor, Berkshire
Work full time as HGV DRIVER for company in Greenford Love going out to shop, socialise , cinema , going for walks / pi...

Nick, 48

Windsor, Berkshire
I am 48 years old and young at heart… I am overweight, but not majorly, I am a perfectionist and have high stan...

Brian, 40

Windsor, Berkshire
I am very creative and like to learn new skill sets all the time! I read my bible everyday, I sometimes sing… ver...

Glitterz, 38

Windsor, Berkshire
I am easy going, cheerful and fun loving. Love good food, good vine and good company. Manners matter. Being proactive...

Thuyen, 60

Windsor, Berkshire
I am caring and sincere person. Enjoy most music, love gardens, travelling . Computer. Art and fashion… like good...
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OK, when I said 'back soon' I was obviously speaking in relative terms. Compared to when the sun is going to burn out th...

Matt, Windsor, Berkshire

How's your Saturday night going my last Saturday of being 49 going to be 50 on Tuesday life begins at 50 so I'm told by...

Amanda, Windsor, Berkshire

What is the most interesting fact about you?

For you to find out ha ha! ! !

Wendy, 66, Windsor, Berkshire

What is your favourite book or film and why?

The shift… a lot knowledge

Monika, 41, Windsor, Berkshire

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a chef then realised I wouldnt have much of a social life

Keled, 41, Windsor, Berkshire