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Terry, 73

March, Cambridgeshire
Reasonably looking for my age, young in mind if not body. Enjoy life in general but sorry my dancing days are gone but u...

Peter, 55

March, Cambridgeshire
I'm a friendly, laid back guy with a good sense of humour. Music tastes range from 60s stuff to (nearly) up-to-date but...

John, 70

March, Cambridgeshire
Hi my name is John I am 69 for 22 more days lol before we go any further I am disabled I lost part of my left leg in a a...

Peter, 59

March, Cambridgeshire
Hi I'm happily divorced no hang ups about the ex and happy and content with my life at the moment just missing someone t...
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Offered on a house last Saturday and the offer was accepted! Hooray so by September I will be living in Werrington! That...

Diane, March, Cambridgeshire

Hello ladies its a bit wet out there but never mind I have my iPad so I will be nosy and look around, have a good day

John, March, Cambridgeshire

What is your favourite book or film and why?

Goodfellas - I love mafia moviestv

Alan, 33, Yaxley, Cambridgeshire

What is your most treasured possession?

My dog Harvey

Rebecca, 49, March, Cambridgeshire

What is your favourite meal?

Good old roast

David, 68, March, Cambridgeshire